• Advancing precision medicine with the next generation of immuno-oncology diagnostics

Cellgen is developing an immuno-oncology companion diagnostic platform that enables doctors to administer a simple, in-house blood test that will measure the health of the immune system.  Each disposable test will help determine which patients are most likely to respond to a given immuno-oncology therapy.  Immuno-oncology represents a paradigm shift in treating cancer with a unique therapeutic approach that activates the body’s immune system to help fight cancer.  The results from these new cancer therapies have been unprecedented, however, identifying “non-responders” is just as important as identifying “responders” as these powerful therapies have serious adverse effects and are very costly.  Cellgen’s technology enables “precise” immuno-oncology by ensuring the right person is taking the right drugs.

The Value of RNA Based Diagnostics

DNA mutations, amplifications and deletions have proven to be limited to a subset of the population, leaving the majority of the patients without any biologically matched treatment option. And even if you do have the mutation, that doesn’t guarantee you will get the disease. DNA is the blueprint of life, but has very little to say about the current biological state of the body. RNA, on the other hand, is a dynamic diagnostic indicator of health providing real time snapshots of what’s happening in the body today. By leveraging RNA information from the patient, we are able to address all patients and gain knowledge about the role of the transcriptome in diagnosing disease and selecting targeted therapies for patients. Comparing differentially expressed gene levels allows for the characterization of disease in a way that is much more comprehensive and clinically relevant than straight detection of DNA aberrations alone.

Cellgen’s Approach

Cellgen’s novel precision medicine platform enables doctors to administer a simple blood test that will determine if a person’s genetic profile is a match for a given therapeutic in just 2 hours. This platform will help clinicians guide therapeutic treatment decisions to ensure the right person is taking the right medicine. Each disposable test will not only be guided by the genetics of each patient, but also by our proprietary machine learning technology, where every new patient improves the predictive accuracy. Cellgen’s speed, simplicity, and low cost will allow clinicians, to both, administer and process non-invasive, genomic-based testing in-house. If precision medicine is going to meet its promise and gain broad applicability, genomic technologies will have to meet patients at the point of care and move beyond Oncology.

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