• Advancing precision medicine with the next generation of liquid biopsies

Cellgen has developed an amplification-free, liquid biopsy platform to detect and measure multiple DNA and RNA markers in less than 4 hours.  Running on Cellgen’s proprietary EVAP (patent pending) platform, each disposable assay will provide a gene expression profile, while leveraging proprietary machine learning algorithms to deliver intelligent, quantitative and actionable results.  Cellgen provides bioanalytical services to pharmaceutical companies and research institutions across the entire development continuum…from Biomarker Validation, through clinical trial implementation, all the way to an FDA approved Companion Diagnostics.

The Value of RNA Based Diagnostics

DNA mutations, amplifications and deletions have proven to be limited to a subset of the population, leaving the majority of the patients without any biologically matched treatment option. By leveraging RNA information from the patient, we are able to address all patients and gain knowledge about the role of the transcriptome in diagnosing disease and selecting targeted therapies for patients.  Comparing cancer gene expression levels to normal gene expression levels allows for the characterization of cancer in a way that is much more comprehensive and clinically relevant than straight detection of DNA aberrations alone.

Cellgen’s Approach

To help pharmaceutical and medical research firms save millions annually by leveraging our next generation of liquid biopsies to expedite drug development, enable precision medicine and enhance medical research throughout the therapeutic development and disease diagnostic continuum.

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In a precision medicine landmark, FDA approves first gene therapy t.co/8FPbursBFK via @HealthITNews