Amplification Free Technology –Cellgen's technology does not require complicated and costly amplification methods butrather employs a patent-pending proprietary process that provides on-chipenrichment of the sample target by up to 1,000,000 times, within minutes. Instead of using methods that amplify the target nucleic acids, which have very low concentrations in bio-fluids, Cellgen's core technology leverages a proprietary sample enrichment process that employs a unique evaporating droplet technique.

This process concentrates the nucleic acids by shrinking the volume of the starting material from microliters to nanoliters in volume, effectively driving down the detection limits without introducing noise and bias signals. This process increases the local concentration of nucleic acids by orders of magnitude to facilitate the subsequent detection.

After the desired enrichment levels are achieved, we utilize an unlabeled detection process where nucleic acids are brought into contact with specific molecular probes that react with the target DNA sequence and represent the nucleic acid population in optical signals. These optical signals can be read with relatively simple instrumentation. These two functions are integrated onto a single, calibrated and fault-proof architected device to minimize sample loss, contamination, operation complexities, and human intervention, which contribute to most test errors.

This process makes Cellgen's workflow extremely simple, reproducible and cost effective.