The Team

Lavance L. Northington, MBA
Chief Executive
Mr. Northington brings more than 25 years of entrepreneurial and corporate leadership experience. His career has focused on strategic partnership, corporate development and operational efficiencies in founding and growing several start-up technology companies. Most recently, Mr. Northington co founded and was President at Soberlink, Inc., developer of the worlds first handheld, wireless breathalyzer. Mr. Northington has held leadership roles at several mid market and start up firms as well as senior level sales positions at Fortune 100 companies like Avaya, ATT and Verizon Business. He earned his M.B.A from Oregon State University.

Chief Technologist
Gary has designed and managed the development of several clinical laboratory automation instruments. Most notably, as VP of Systems Development at Osmetech (Now Genmark), he led a team that developed the highly regarded XT-8 DNA detection platform, which received FDA approval and won a Medical Design Excellence Award, an R&D 100 Award, and an Innovations in Healthcare ABBY Award. To date, Gary has designed and developed more than a dozen different systems that have been FDA approved.

Chief Scientist
With over 25 experience in molecular biology R&D, Sylvia has designed, developed and validated diagnostic assays and processed clinical specimens for diagnostic testing for Gen-Probe (Hologic), DermTech, Nanogen, Stratagene (Agilent) and Althea Technologies (Ajinomoto Althea) to name a few. With 11 issued patents relating to diagnostic detection of infectious diseases, Sylvia has developed a keen expertise for bringing POC molecular diagnostic assays to market.