Cellgen Diagnostics is an early stage venture that is developing a break through Companion Diagnostic platform that will enable Precision Medicine by determining whether a patients genetic profile is a match for the prescribed cancer therapeutic. Running on Cellgen's proprietary platform, each disposable test will yield inclusion / exclusion data, while also leveraging proprietary machine learning algorithms to deliver intelligent, quantitative and actionable results to oncologists in under 3 hours as opposed to the current standard of 10-14 days.

Precision Medicine

The US healthcare system is in a crisis… it is expensive, reactive, inefficient, and focused largely on the one-sized fits all treatments for late stage disease.

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Unmet Need

Current Companion Diagnostic tests are specialized kits, which run on expensive and complex technology platforms that are not feasible for clinical settings.
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Cellgen Diagnostics is an early stage venturedeveloping a companion diagnostics platform. Based in Irvine...

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